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About Shawn

Shawn was born in Germany on a military base and raised in Texas. He later moved to Washington State. He was in and out of the foster care system as a child. Shawn lived in poverty and grew up on state and community resources.  Shawn was a gang involved youth and spent a lot of time incarcerated.  Shawn suffered with a drug and alcohol addiction and became clean and sober on August 26, 2005. It was a choice that came after he had been placed in ICU and had to have multiple emergency operations.    

Shawn lived on the streets homeless for part of his youth and as a young adult.  He slept in bushes, bus stops, public parks and many other places.  He would go to fast food restaurants and collect change off the floor of the drive thru just for money to get something to eat.  He knew that he needed to change his life around for the better and started taking the steps to do that.      

Shawn turned his life around and started working on becoming who he is today.  He works to make a difference in communities around the world. Shawn is Native American and an activist for his culture.  He won a National Award for his international work in Native American communities throughout North America. He has an amazing life story he uses to help motivate others when he does motivational speaking.

Shawn owns multiple successful businesses and helps mentor individuals who seek business ownership.  Shawn had a vision come to him in 2011 and he took that vision and turned it into his global self-funded project Eagle Touch the Clouds. The project helps to create Native American sections for cultural education in public libraries around the world. His efforts with the project has help millions of people have access to amazing cultural resources. This project has had major media coverage and support.           

Shawn is a mentor to people of all ages and uses his personal story to help show others that anything is possible if you work hard at your goals. Shawn was a bully when he was growing up and knows the effects of what bullies can do. Shawn now works to help end bullying anywhere that bullying takes place. When Shawn was growing up he was heavily involved in gang life. When he changed his life around he became dedicated to helping gang involved youth turn their lives around