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Welcome to the official website of Shawn M. Reynolds, Jr.

Welcome to the official website of Shawn M. Reynolds, Jr.

Welcome to the official website of Shawn M. Reynolds, Jr.Welcome to the official website of Shawn M. Reynolds, Jr.Welcome to the official website of Shawn M. Reynolds, Jr.

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Shawn's Reviews


Shantelle M.

"I've known Shawn since the ol school days. I have nothing negative to say about him...I love seeing everything he is doing for his community and for the children that need someone to look up to who understands what their going through. I can't wait to see what other amazing things he does this year and many more to come."

Recommended on Facebook on 2/12/2019

Michael C.

"Mr. Reynolds is dedicated to serving his community and helping youth. Mr. Reynolds has volunteered in my 5th grade classroom to help provide academic support and social-emotional mentorship. He has assisted our school reach students that had difficulty expressing their emotions and facilitated meditation meetings to resolve playground conflicts in an exemplary manner. I am proud to have Mr. Reynolds as community resource."

Review left on Facebook on 1/6/2019

Sam E.

"-Hard Worker 

-There are words and then there are actions: Shawn speaks with sincerity and follows his words with his actions.  

-Able to handle difficult situations and people.  

-Shawn also taught me his drum as well as a new spectrum of music for me to explore.  

-Great sense of humor, when appropriate haha.  

Good job Shawn. Keep up the Good Work."

Recommended on Facebook on 10/4/2018

Jasz T.

"Amazing guy!! Taking abandoned cats, feeding and giving lots of love! Finding homes for kittens, just amazing! Pure heart"

Review left on Facebook on 6/11/2018 

Karli S.

Thank you for spending time in our class today, speaking on bullying and respect for others! Your entire talk was an inspiration, but one thing that really hit home for my students was, “Everyday that you wake up is a blessing. You are not guaranteed tomorrow. And IF someone is gone tomorrow, you cannot say you were sorry for the fight you had today.”  

We appreciate all the time you spent with us, and we look forward to your return!

Review left on Facebook on 5/5/2018

Services Shawn Offers

Motovational Speaker


Shawn has an amazing way of connecting with people when he talks. The way he speaks to people helps motivate them. He will help inspire you to reach out and accomplish your goals.  Shawn uses person experience to speak with passion about the topics he talks about.


Anti-Bullying Campaigns


Shawn knows what bullies are capable of doing because he was a bully in school. He turned his life around and has devoted his time to stopping bullies. People that are bullied go through a trauma that no person should ever go through. He has many ways he does his bully work.  He does one on ones, small groups, class by class, and even by doing a school assembly.  



Shawn works to mentor youth, adults, business owners, and anyone else looking for an experienced and trusted adviser.  When you think that you can't Shawn will show you that you can.

Gang Intervention


Shawn was a gang involved youth growing up.  He uses his personal life experance to help change the lives of gang involved youth. He works to help those who are gang involved change to a more successful way of life.

What you get when you book Shawn

Shawn brings a very unique style to the way he connects with people.   When you book Shawn you will watch him transform the lives of those he works with.  Shawn makes sure to go above and beyond at everything he does.  Shawn has personal lived experience in everything that is listed in his services.